Razer Viper Review 2019

Are you a professional gamer? Or, do you love gaming? If so, you will fall in love with the Razer Viper mouse. The lightest Esports mouse for competitive gaming. To ensure this mouse suits all the needs of gamers, professional gamers were involved in the development.

Apart from the Razer Viper being a lightweight wired gaming mouse, its designed to provide speed and accuracy. Further, this wired gaming mouse registers mouse clicks using infrared beams, in place of the normal mechanical switches.

Irrespective of the high technology employed in the development of this gaming mouse, it is available at an affordable price of $79.99. Although some people might argue its price is not affordable compared to others, it is the best mouse for professional competitive gaming.

Design and Features


This gaming mouse was designed by pros, to ensure it enjoyable for everyone. In fact, the design of Viper was not taken lightly by Razer, the reason took time working on it to ensure it is right. Since it is designed as an esports mouse, it lacks many features that similar gaming mice have. However, this does not matter because its design suits all the requirements of the niche.

In comparison to other gaming mice, the Razer Viper is smaller in size, as it measures 4.99 by 2.61 by 1.49 inches in regards to length, width and height. Nonetheless, since lightweight is among its selling point, this is expected. However, this is a bonus if you have small hands.

 The other main design feature of Viper is that it is ambidextrous. There are many gaming mice that are ‘ambidextrous’, thus letting users to swap the right and left buttons. But, Viper has a unique symmetrical design with two customizable buttons on every side. Thus, you get to enjoy similar adaptability, if you are either right or left handed. This is as a result of its shape.

In addition, its design features a mouse scroll wheel. Although the wheel is attractive and its textured rubber material makes it offer an amazing feeling, it has no unique use. It is similar to that of other gaming mice. Further, the dots-per-inch toggle is found at the bottom of this mouse. Unlike its competitors, Razer placed it on the bottom, instead of adjacent to the wheel. This way, many gamers will not mess their game by hitting it accidentally while playing.

Weight is one of the primary selling features of Viper mouse. It weighs 69grams, which is not only low but also providing an amazing feeling in hands. Also, the sides are made using textured rubber, making it feel great and enhance grip while gaming. Besides that, the whole mouse is made using plastic like all other Razer mice. However, its make is different, to make sure it provides lightness, durability, and rigidity.


  • 8 programmable buttons

These buttons allow you to reconfigure and assign complicated macro activities via the Razer Synapse 3.

  • Ambidextrous design 

Razer Viper features this design to ensure both left and right-handed users enjoy flexibility. Besides that, the design has programmable buttons on the left and right sides, for easier customization when gaming.

  • Lightweight

With a total weight of 69grams, Razer Viper is the lightest Esports gaming mouse for professional competitive gamers. To achieve the light weight, this mouse is designed to offer high precision, and it has 16K DPI optical sensor as non-compromise package that suits professional gamers without drilling holes on the chassis.

  • Drag-Free cord

This ensures the performance is similar to that of a wireless mouse. This mouse has Razer Speedflex cables which reduces weight and drag, giving complete control. So, the cables ensure you do not require mouse bungees.

  • Swifter than traditional mechanical switches

The Razer Viper switches are faster than traditional mechanical switches, because they utilize light beam-based-actuation. Thus, they detect button presses at a faster speed that is similar to that of light. As a result, you have total control of all the touches made.

  • Customizable RGB lighting

Instead of having ten various lighting areas spraying colors on your entire gaming desk, it has an illuminated Raze logo. But, by default the logo is designed to cycle via various colors. Since the colors are a multiple combination, you can use the Razer Synapse software to configure it to your favorite color.


  • A precise and responsive optical sensor.
  • Small size and lightweight.
  • The DPI switch is placed on the bottom, thus preventing accidental clicks when gaming.
  • A drag-free cable for complete control, and reduced drag weight.
  • Ambidextrous design that ensures both left and right-handed gamers access sufficient flexibility.


  • No feature a detachable USB cable.