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10 Best Laptops for Animation/3D Modeling of 2020

Your animation skill is the first thing that matters, the second factor that determines the end results of your animation work is the computer you use. The more advanced you are as an animator (in terms of using animation software, animation type, and additional tools), the higher the computing power you need. When choosing a […]

10 Best i9 Laptops of 2020 (Notebooks and Gaming)

Having a powerful CPU is one thing, but calibrating it with other core hardware units is quite another. In other words, when it comes to choosing the best-performing laptop, it’s not just the core i9 CPU that you want to look for, but also the other core components (RAM, GPU, SSD) that it has been […]

10 Best Laptop For QuickBooks (for Accounting)

Every successful business need good accounting record. One accounting software that easily comes to mind is QuickBooks. This software is versatile and suitable for different business types and sizes. However, like every other software, it has a minimum requirement that your laptop must have to be able to run it. If you are searching for […]