The Best Gifts for Gamers 2021

Gaming is another world. As a gamer myself, here are the 10 hand picked gifts for gamers that every gamers love to get gifted.

You don’t need to break your bank to get a gift for gamers that’s unforgettable. You can buy a pocket-friendly gift that your loved ones don’t already have, or that is superior to what they have.

In this dossier, we present a list of the best gifts that can rock a gamer’s world. We also provide a guide to choosing gifts for gamers based on your budget, and your loved one’s gaming obsessions and individual needs.

List of Best Gifts for Gamers in 2021

Best Gifts for Gamers 1: Keyboard

Roccat Vulcan 100 Aimo – The Best Gamer’s Keyboard 2021

With outstanding wrist support, a futuristic mechanical build, and an RGB backlight with over 16 million colors to choose from, this Roccat Vulcan Keyboard can help light up a gamer’s day at any time.

The fantastic design has keys protruding out of the metal board, making it easy to clean out spillages, dust, and debris that slip in-between the keys.

The layout of the keys is state-of-the-art. The numerical pad and the navigation keys are placed conspicuously apart to make it easier to find them by mere touch. The individual keys are quite bulky for an effortless and accurate keypress. The keys are also quite supple yet highly resilient to facilitate instant outputs for every keypress. This makes the keyboard an excellent choice for highly intense games.

There are also volume control knobs mounted conspicuously at the right top corner of the metal board. But the keyboard itself can be quite noisy.


Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – Corsair k95 keyboard will leave your loved ones dazzled with its RGB backlight keys and endless customization options. It comes with large-font keycaps that make it great for gaming and expedient for work.

Cool Master MK850 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

A state-of-the-art model, this alternative boasts an innovative aim pad technology that gives gamers maximum control over analogue movements. With its immense customization features and dazzling RGB light system of 16.7 million colors, your loved ones will be proud to call it their own.

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard – The best-selling membrane gaming keyboard, this is a well-rounded model that delivers optimum performance. Your loved ones will easily grow fond of the keyboard thanks to its impressive range of customization features, integration with popular games, and scintillating RGB lighting system with over 16 million colors.

Best Gifts for Gamers 2: Gaming Chair

Secretlab Omega

Make your loved ones forget about themselves when sitting in front of their gaming set by gifting them this gaming seat. Secretlab Omega is renown for its well-rounded ergonomic design that caters to every line of curves of the user’s body. The manufacturers are highly detail-oriented, giving maximum attention to every bit of detail. They use top-draw materials that have passed international quality tests throughout the chair, including reinforced Japanese aluminum for the frame, robot-welded carbon structural steel for the base, and a 2.0 PU leather for the upholstery. The result? A gaming chair that provides state-of-the-art comfort and support, with an excellent array of adjustment features. The seat boasts beating the ANSI/BIFMA and ISO standards for strength and durability. With 4 heavy duty KGS gas pistons, the seat is capable of standing up to countless hours of use for years to come.

The chair’s stylish design makes it suitable for use in both a gaming space and office.


GTRacing Gaming Chair: Another super chic gaming choice that will enhance the vibe of your loved one’s gaming space. It’s also a more affordable option that provides an assortment of high-end features, including lush padding, lumbar support, armrests, and headrests.

Noblechairs icon

Your loved ones will also love the mold-breaking design of the NobleChairs Icon gaming seat. It sports real leather that gives it an authentic look, and its towering build makes it elegant and classy.

Secretlab Titan

Secretlab Titan is built with the same trail-blazing tradition of excellence used to produce Omega. It boasts 4D armrests, a cooling-gel-lined memory foam, lumbar support, and large frames that will cup your loved ones up in a warm, fuzzy embrace.

Best Gifts for Gamers 3: Virtual reality System

Oculus Quest (Best VR 2021)

From pros to newbies and everyone in-between, Oculus Quest is designed to supercharge your passion for virtual reality. A wireless, standalone system, Oculus Quest, allows your loved ones to easily foist the VR headset on and transport themselves to another world to beat boredom. It turns on automatically once you mount it between your noses.

Its graphic quality might be a little tackier in comparison to PC-connected headsets, but given its relatively low price, you still get a good bang out of your bucks. It also comes with a room-scale display with 1,440 x 1,600 pixels per eye at 72Hz.


Oculus Rift

One of Oculus’ flagship models, Rift, will provide your loved ones with state-of-the-art VR experiences. Like the Oculus quest, it comes at a moderate price but still provides appreciable value. It’s PC-connected but easy to carry with its lightweight and freedom from external sensors.

PlayStation VR

If your loved one has a PS4, then you can opt for this PlayStation VR. It’s much cheaper than the ones above but comes with a lower graphic quality.

HTC Vive Cosmos

This model gives you the best of both worlds of Rift and Quest: Wireless PC connection. However, there is a little trade-off with the graphic performance, though what you get may be considered a standard PC-connected VR graphics quality.

Best Gifts for Gamers 4: Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity

This is the best version yet of the Razer Naga series, with a slew of features that allow your loved ones game like a pro. It comes with a design that allows for easy customization. From a highly-precise cursor to three interchangeable thumb grips with a 12-button array, the Naga Trinity’s customization features give your loved ones greater control over their mouse inputs. This fosters a highly immersive experience, especially when playing FPS, MMOs, and MOBAs.

The all-inclusive button array will give your loved ones optimum control over their playstyle. You can choose the number of buttons you need to play with to stay on top of your game.

Thanks to strong magnets that hold them in place, the side buttons remain steadfast no matter how much your loved ones jerk and twist themselves when playing. The mouse has an ergonomic design with a small pinky rest that allows for a comfortable palm grip, preventing sore muscles around the wrist.


Logitech MX518

A new version of the widely acclaimed model, the new MX518, comes with a 16,000 CPI HERO sensor in place of the initial 1,800 for even more precise cursor movement. With a well-rounded, streamlined design like this, your loved ones can’t wish for more in a gaming mouse.

Razer Deathadder Elite

With a shape that has stood the test of time in the hands of many gamers, the Deathadder Elite is a gaming mouse that your loved ones will enjoy using for a long time to come. It also comes with a 16,000 CPI optical sensor for laser-precise mouse movement.

Steelseries Sensei 310

Another snug-fit model with highly precise mouse movements. The Sensei 310 comes with a shape that allows you to glide your thumb over the left and right buttons easily, and also prevents accidental clicks.

Best Gifts for Gamers 5: Gaming Headset

Astro A50 Gaming Headset (Best headset 2021)

This smooth-looking headset will make your loved ones look like real pros in outdoor competitions. Its super-sleek chrome finish with gold dashes is also accompanied by excellent lightweightness. The Astro A50 might just hang over your loved one’s head like a glossy halo. Thanks to its feathery weight, it remains firmly in place without clamping down on your head, even with the optical audio and USB connectors plugged into it.

Your loved ones will wear it for hours on end without feeling fatigued. The battery life is a resounding 15 hours, and its wireless range is 30 feet. The sound quality is splendid across the length of the signal range. And when not in use, your loved ones can easily store it away by docking it in its station, which also doubles as its charging port.

It’s cross-compatible with PC and Xbox. Your loved ones can easily switch between the chat modes for either platform. There are indicator lights for the platform settings, as well as for battery status and EQ modes.


Logitech G Pro X

Another solid, comfy option with top-draw sound production and a crystal clear mic. It also comes with many adjustment features for your loved ones to customize their sound experience. However, it’s bass quality might turn out a little too hollow.

Steelseries Arctis 9X

SteelSeries is known for its passion for crystalline sound production, and the Arctis 9X lives up to the bill. The model also comes with a well-rounded design, plus cross-compatibility thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

For better surround sound and exotic bass production, you can opt for this model. It also gives you great value coming at a price range around $100

Best Gifts for Gamers 6: Computer Glasses

Gunnar Optiks

All those countless hours gaming in front of a UV-ray-emitting computer screen can really build up into some unwanted health consequences. But an impermeable pair of computer glass can help stop those harmful UV-rays dead in their tracks.

Optiks is one of the most formidable computer glasses models coming from a powerhouse of protective wears for computer users. It boasts a capacity to block out 100% of UV rays and over 65% of Blue light. As such, it can reduce strain and eliminate screen-related sleep issues.

Your loved ones will also appreciate the panoramic view of the wide-format lenses. This one will also last a long time thanks to the scratch-resistant silicon hard coating on the glasses and the rigid lens mounts that hold the glasses tautly in place.


Gunnar Razer FPS

This model not only offers protection from harmful rays, but it also enhances the benign rays to improve a game’s graphics. Your loved ones will find it highly convenient to use thanks to its lightweight and adjustable silicone nose pads. It also blocks out 100% of UV light and the majority of Blue light.

Spektrum Prospek-50 Dynamic

With eight layers of protective coating, this model provides your loved one with top-draw anti-UV-ray protection. The coatings encompass qualities such as scratch-resistance, anti-glare, and anti-fog. The pair is also lightweight and easy to use.

Uvex Blocking Computer

The wrap-around design of this model will sit comfortably over your loved ones’ faces while also preventing eye strain by blocking off harmful rays. Its orange-tinted lenses come with Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) for a more robust UV-ray protection. The frame comes with a lifetime warranty.

Best Gifts for Gamers 7: Mini Desk Fan


An efficient cooling system can make a huge difference in your gaming experience, especially during warm seasons. But you don’t need to break your bank to make that happen, because an excellent portable USB fan like SIMBR can keep you and all your gaming hardware super cool. Its 4 aluminum blades generate a constant breeze of refreshing breezes. The fan is designed to rotate 360 degrees, dissipating heat throughout the nooks and crannies of your gaming space.

The product boasts silent operations, excellent durability, and simple maintenance needs. The triangular base keeps the fan securely in place while the fan goes into loops of full swings.


Fancii Small Personal Desk Mini Fan

You can choose this option if the SMBR model above doesn’t blend well with your loved one’s gaming space. It’s petite, chic, and rotates through 180 degrees. It operates with double-turbo blades integrated with Cyclone Air Technology that promotes maximum airflow.

Sky Genius Battery Operated Clip-on

For a more portable option that can be carried outdoors in a backpack, you can go for the Sky Genius battery-operated model. The fan’s powerful motor generates wind with a speed of 75ft per second.

Keynice USB desk fan

With 4-inch blades and a 6-inch frame, this model is another excellent portable table fan model. It also rotates 360 degrees to dispatch a cool breeze across every party of your gaming space and operates silently.

Best Gifts for Gamers 8: Gaming Table

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Your loved ones can maximize the storage in their gaming space with a crafty gaming desk like this Atlantic model. Designed specifically for gamers, it comes with various compartments for various items in a gaming rig, including 2 speaker trays, a drawer, a cable management system, and a headphone stand. It even comes with a drink holder and a charging dock for a smartphone or dock.

With all these designated spaces, it still has enough space to accommodate both a PC and a peripheral screen. And even at full capacity, you’ll still get an extra arm’s length of space to wriggle around.

The table’s solid build is made of steel and carbon fiber, allowing it to withstand the weight of all your gaming hardware day in day out without a flinch.


Arrozzi Arena Height

Another gaming table designed to optimize storage in a gaming space. Your loved ones will be able to fit in their entire gaming rig and more. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, with a spillage-resistant surface. You can choose from a variety of colors.

Green forest L-Shaped Gaming Chair

This L-shaped beauty allows your loved ones to maximize their gaming space with 3 pieces that provide space for gaming systems, a station for home works, and a small dining table.

DXRacer GD/1000/NE Gaming Desktop Office Desk

Coming from one of the most dominant brands in the gaming industry, this gaming seat is crafted for excellent gaming space management. It’s sloped at 10 degrees to reduce strains on a user’s wrist. It also comes in multiple colors.

Best Gifts for Gamers 9: Bluetooth Controllers (PC, Android and iOS Phones)

SteelSeries Stratus

When sitting in front of a gaming table isn’t an option; your loved ones can easily mount their smart devices on a Bluetooth controller like Stratus to immerse themselves in a gaming world. It’s portable, and sport an ergonomic Xbox-style designed. It’s cross-compatible with both Android smart devices and PCs. There’s the Stratus XL version for iOS devices, as well.

Your loved ones will enjoy the controller’s highly responsive buttons and trigger with its joysticks that come with thick grips. They can also easily adjust the joystick’s sensitivity via the SteelSeries Engine 3 free software.

The controller can run on 2 AA batteries for an astounding 40 hours. However, it works on no power source other than the AA batteries.


Nintendo 8bitdo SF30

Being compatible with numerous platforms, this controller will give your loved ones the freedom to transport themselves into their favorite gaming adventures anywhere, anytime. It’s portable, durable, and comes with an 18-hour battery life.

Powerlead Tablet Bluetooth Controller

For a model that’s better-geared towards tablets, this pad is designed to give your loved ones a superior gaming experience. It comes with factory-built multimedia controls and can last for up 20 hours with a full charge.

SteelSeries Free Mobile Gaming Controller

This is the most portable option among pads mentioned here, but it’s no less responsive and durable. It’s compatible with Android, PC, and iOS systems. Albeit, it’s quite pricey.

Best Gifts for Gamers 10: Gaming Backpack

Everik Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

How easy is for your loved ones to carry their gaming hardware outdoors safely? Well, it can get even easier with the Everik Titan gaming bag. A versatile storage option, Everik Titan, can secure your consoles, laptop, and non-gaming equipment in portable, easily accessible compartments. You can open the bag through 180 degrees for easy access to your stored items.

The laptop compartment can hold systems as large as 18.4 inches, and there are separate compartments for tablets and other gadgets and accessories. A proprietary 5-point balance strap system ensures the bag hags over your loved one’s back comfortably no matter how fully loaded it might be. The bag is also waterproof, shielding stored electronics from the elements.


ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack

This product is manufactured by a gaming industry heavyweight that understands the mobile storage needs of gamers inside out. It can fit any G-series laptop with designated compartments for smartphones and other gadgets. It’s waterproof and comes with extra padding for more protection.

Acer Predator Rolltop Backpack

Another product from a reputable brand, the Acer Predator, is well designed to store your equipment in safe, secure, and well-ventilated compartments. It comes with a handle and is also weather-proof.

Razer Rogue Backpack

This one is resistant not only to the weather but to wear and tear as well. It also comes with well-ventilated compartments for various equipment.


There you have it. The best gaming gifts that can truly up the ante of your loved one’s gaming life. Any one of these gifts will surely put a lasting smile on your loved one’s faces. We’ve included options that are best suited for a budget, a gaming space, and other unique individual needs.