Best White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard of 2021

The best white mechanical gaming keyboard are those that have the right switches, specific customizable features, and ergonomic design that gives your superior control over your game.

In addition to delivering a high performance, the best keyboard should be able to satisfy your need with aesthetic design. However, with dwindling resources and growing options from different manufacturers, it is getting more difficult for gamers to pick the right one.

Operating system and PC compatibility are crucial features to consider when buying a white mechanical keyboard considering the slim compatibility that some of them have. The inclusion of anti-ghosting and LED backlight will be a great bonus that will improve your gaming experience. Also, weight and the sturdiness of the construction material—although not vital to performance—can affect the durability of your keyboard as well as how you will use it. That said, here are the best white mechanical gaming keyboard.

Review of the best white mechanical gaming keyboard in 2021

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 SE – Best overall

The CORSAIR K70 white mechanical gaming keyboard is a monster that will double your performance at every gaming session. One area this keyboard stands out is in the amount of customization it allows you to do. It has an 8MB profile storage which gives you the power to store up to three profiles so that you don’t have to repeat your settings each time you move the keyboard to a new computer. The anodized brushed aluminum frame gives it a rigidity to withstand a lifetime of gaming. The per key dynamic multi-color RGB backlighting and PBT double shot keycaps gives it a superior look and feel. The Cherry MX speed mechanical key switches gives you the RAPIDFIRE advantage with a blazing fast 1.2mm actuation.

With 100% anti-ghosting feature, CORSAIR K70 ensures that all key press are registered correctly. Windows key lock means that you won’t experience interruptions that might occur as a result of accidental press of this key. One area that this white mechanical keyboard shines over the rest is by having a wrist rest which is detachable. This ensures maximum comfort during a long gaming session. It also has dedicated volume and multimedia controls which gives you total dominance over how immersive you want the game to be. CORSAIR also has an iCUE software which enables sophisticated macro programming, full system lighting synchronization and more across compatible CORSAIR peripherals. However, it seems slightly heavy at 2.76 pounds and is definitely not a budget keyboard.


  • Dedicated 8MB memory for up to three profile storage
  • Anodized brushed aluminum frame enhances durability
  • Colorful RGB backlighting for staying in control in poorly lit environment
  • Windows key lock for minimal interruption
  • Detachable wrist rest for comfort during long gaming session


  • Slightly heavy
  • Highly expensive

Redragon K552W-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best for LED RGB backlighting

When you game in an environment where you have no control of the lighting, nothing keeps you on top of your game like a LED RGB backlighting. With the Redragon K552W, you will get 18 different RGB lighting modes, 9 different colors, and 5 levels of brightness. The keycaps are offer uniform backlighting and non-scratch lettering. Redragon K552W works well with Windows but has limited Mac OS compatibility. Other features of this white mechanical keyboard that gives you a comparative gaming advantage includes anti-ghosting, splash-proof, and corrosion free USB gaming keyboard connector—but that is not all.

The base of this keyboard if made of aircraft-grade aluminum for improved durability. The ergonomic design of the keys ensures medium resistance and crisp tactile bump feedback as well as greater responsiveness. It has 12 dedicated multimedia keys that gives your total control of your gaming experience. Inasmuch as Redragon K552W is great for gamers with a slim budget, the crisp click sound can become too loud if you are not using a headphone. Also, this keyboard can seem a heavier than some of the competing brand which may pose a problem to handling. However, if you can look over these flaws, this is one of the decent and sleek mechanical gaming keyboards that is worth the price.


  • More backlight modes for dealing with environmental lighting
  • Anti-ghosting and splash-proof capabilities
  • Corrosion free USB connector
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for improved durability
  • Budget-friendly


  • Slightly heavier that some competitors
  • Click sound often becomes loud
  • Doesn’t support profile storage
  • Limited Mac OS compatibility
  • Lacks wrist rest

Eagletec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard – Best for mono-backlight

Eagletec KG011 has a lot in common with other keyboards on our list of best white mechanical gaming keyboard list but it also has its unique feature. The first unique difference you will notice is the single blue LED uniform backlighting which also ensures you stay in control no matter the lighting condition of your environment. However, unlike some of the gaming keyboards, Eagletec KG011 has 104 keys which allows you to do more. It offers a quieter click sound and precise tactile feedback for ultimate typing with fewer errors. In addition to having anti-ghosting property, the lettering doesn’t scratch off and the brightness can be adjusted to different levels.

To enhance the durability of this white mechanical keyboard, it was made of aircraft-grade silver aluminum. Eagletec KG011 is highly compatible with Windows OS but has a limited compatibility with Apple Mac. The interesting features of this product that will surely excite gamers include the ability to disable the Windows key to prevent accidental interruptions during a gaming session as well as the interchangeability of the WASD keys ARROW keys. The spill-resistant design is also a great asset particularly if you have kids. Nevertheless, Eagletec KG011 may feel slightly heavy at 2.29 pounds but quickly makes up for this with a budget-friendly price.


  • Anti-ghosting and scratch resistant lettering
  • Quieter click sound
  • Aircraft-grade silver aluminum base for improved durability
  • WASD and ARROW keys are interchangeable
  • WIN key can be disabled for uninterrupted gaming
  • Spill-resistant design
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lacks wrist rest
  • Limited Apple Mac compatibility
  • Mono-backlight instead of RGB
  • Doesn’t support profile storage
  • Slightly heavy

Razer BlackWidow X – Best for programmable macro support

The Razer BlackWidow X shows off its superiority by allowing all the keys and key-press combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands, thanks to the Razer Hypershift feature. The combination of its military grade metal construction and the support of up to 80 million clicks enhances its durability and gives you full value for your money. Its signature Razer Green switch technology provides satisfying clicky sound with 50 G of actuation force. Irrespective of the lighting condition of your gaming environment, this white RGB keyboard shines bright with customizable Chroma RGB lighting. Interestingly, there can be preset profiles on individual backlit keys.

Razer BlackWidow X allows you to sync with Razer Chroma enabled peripherals and Philip Hue produces. The Razer Mechanical Switches is gradually becoming a standard for gamers for its speed and responsiveness. No product is perfect and the Razer BlackWidow X has its flaws. The first noticeable flaw is that this white mechanical keyboard feels overweight at 3.11 pounds. The price can also be a huge turn-off for those on a slim budget. However, the manufacturers makes up for this by throwing in a 2-year warranty. If you can afford the price, this gaming keyboard will reward you with a superior performance.


  • Razer Hypershift feature for full programmable macro support
  • Military-grade metal construction for improved durability
  • Supports up to 80 million clicks
  • Customizable chroma RGB lighting
  • Synchronizing with Razer Chroma enable peripherals and Philip Hue products


  • Doesn’t support WIN key disable
  • Feels overweight
  • Not a budget-friendly product
  • Lacks wrist rest

Razer Huntsman – Best for key clicks

While most white mechanical gaming keyboards can only boast of 50 million clicks, the Razer Huntsman delivers 100 million clicks which is topped with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. It also has a Razer Hypershift which allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands. In terms of construction, this product is covered with matte, aluminum top plate for increased sturdiness. The Razer Huntsman comes with the Razer Purple switch technology that uses optical beam-based actuation which cuts down the actuation distance by 30% when compared to other clicky switches. This is highly useful for gamers who have to tap repeatedly to execute calculated moves.

Like every other high-end keyboard, the Razer Huntsman has a Razer Chroma which offers effortless, full integration with popular game titles and sync with Razer hardware, Philip Hue, and gears from over thirty partners. Other features of this white RGB keyboard that are hard to overlook include a hybrid on-board memory that allows you to save up to 5 profiles and cloud storage which makes it easy to access personalized settings anywhere. It also has key stabilizer bar for level and consistent keypresses with no resistance. The Razer Synapse 3 software further expands how you can customize this keyboard. With a weight of 1.9 pounds, Razer Huntsman offers flexible handling. However, all these comes at a huge price.


  • Boasts of 100 million clicks
  • Razer Hypershift feature for full programmable macro support
  • Razer Purple switch technology for shorter actuation distance
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Synchronizing with Razer Chroma enable peripherals and Philip Hue products
  • Hybrid on-board memory for up to 5 profiles


  • Highly expensive
  • Lacks wrist rest

BlackWidow Lite – Best for weight

Having a sleek and lightweight white mechanical gaming keyboard gives you unlimited handling flexibility. Weighing only 1.45 pounds, the BlackWindow Lite gives you unlimited flexibility. The lightweight combines with detachable cables to make it easy to take it wherever you go. It comes with the Razer Orange switch technology that provides tactile feedback with a quieter click, requiring only 45 G of actuation force. This is a great asset for gamers who need to press keys repeatedly. The BlackWindow Lite is highly silent, thanks to the O Ring Sound Dampeners which further reduces key noise.

Instead of RGB backlight, this keyboard has white LED lighting with full brightness control. It uses Razer Synapse 3, a cloud-based hardware configuration tool that gives you more customization power. Like all other keyboards from Razer, the BlackWindow Lite makes use of Razer Hypershift that allows for all keys and key-press combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands. The new side walls of the switches is designed to increase stability and protection against dust and liquids. It boasts of up to 80 million keystrokes which is higher than the 50 million industry standard. This product is not for those on a slim budget. However, for those that can afford it, it is a great gaming asset.


  • Offers up to 80 million keystrokes
  • Improved switches with side walls that protects against dust and liquids
  • O Ring Sound Dampeners ensures quieter clicks
  • Full brightness white LED lighting control
  • Lightweight and detachable cables for better handling


  • Lacks wrist rest
  • Slightly expensive
  • Mono-backlight instead of RGB backlighting

RK61 – Best for compatibility

This white RGB keyboard has larger compatibility across multiple devices and operating systems, thanks to the wired and wireless connection modes. The wireless mode makes use of Bluetooth which can simultaneously connect up to three devices. Also, you can easily switch from one device to another. When you switch to wireless mode, the RK61 is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. Weighing only 1.75 pounds and having 61 keys, this white mechanical gaming keyboard is compact and easy to move around. It comes with the Brown Switch which is slightly quieter and easier to trigger than the Blue Switch. This makes it easier for you to execute quick moves during a gaming session.

Another noticeable area that the RK61 has an edge over other gaming keyboards is by having 18 RGB backlight modes, 8 monochrome backlight modes and 1 full color backlight. Each of these modes will come handy depending on the lighting condition of your environment. The scientific stair-up keycap design ensures maximum comfort by allowing your hands to stay in natural state, thereby minimizing fatigue during extended use. With GamingForce Software you can program your keyboard and assign functions and colors to different keys. RK61 is a mid-budget keyboard that allows you to do more.


  • Comes with Brown Switches which are quieter
  • Lightweight and compact for easy handling
  • Wired and wireless modes ensures higher compatibility
  • Numerous backlight modes
  • Stair-up keycap design for maximum comfort


  • Not a full keyboard, having only 61 keys
  • Lacks wrist rest
  • Doesn’t offer anti-ghosting

E-Element Z-77 – Best for design

A great design can confer a lot of benefits to a product. For the E-Element Z-77, its ergonomic design makes it water and dust proof, thanks to the Outemu Blue Mechanical Switches. The pack comes with 5 spare switches for replacement. This white mechanical keyboard was also designed with comfort in mind, having detachable full length wrist rest. One of the many features of the E-Element Z-77 that will be useful to gamers is the anti-ghosting and N-key rollover which allows multi-keys to work simultaneously. To ensure fast response for high-grade gaming, each key is controlled by independent switch.

E-Element Z-77 also comes with programmable full RGB backlighting. This means you can program all the keys to be of the same color or whatever color you want. It also has 9 RGB backlighting modes with 5 grade brightness and color-flashing speed that enables you to stay in control irrespective of the lighting condition of the environment. This mechanical keyboard was built tough for hardcore gaming, having aluminum and ABS construction. It is compatible with Windows and Mac without the need for drivers. Inasmuch as this white RGB keyboard is mid-budget, it weighs 2.8 pounds which may feel heavy when placed side-by-side with competitors.


  • WIN key lock for uninterrupted gaming
  • Anti-ghosting and key Roll-over for higher gaming efficiency
  • Detachable full length wrist rest
  • Comes with 5 spare switches for replacement
  • Programmable full RGB backlighting


  • Slightly heavy
  • Blue switch are noisier than brown and red switches
  • Click sound often becomes loud

ROSEWILL Gaming White Keyboard – Best for price

If the size of your budget is your major consideration when you want to buy gaming keyboards, ROSEWILL gaming white keyboard should be one of your major considerations. At less than 50 dollars, this white mechanical gaming keyboard has RGB backlighting to help you stay at the top of your controls irrespective of the environmental lighting. The ROSEWILL NEON series has 8 LED colors allowing you to customize the keys as well as the lights on the exterior outline of the keyboard. The level of the LED lighting can also be adjusted with ease through the function keys. One of the most interesting feature of this product is the mechanical switches on a membrane keyboard.

The ROSEWILL gaming white keyboard has removable keycaps that allows you to further customize your controls for greater gaming efficiency. It also has dedicated multimedia keys that lets you control the kind of immersive experience you want from your game. This product has detachable palm and wrist rest which ensures maximum comfort during a long gaming and typing session. ROSEWILL gaming white keyboard is compatible with Windows but not compatible with Mac. Other interesting features of this product include interchangeable ARROW and WASD keys, non-slip rubber stand, and anti-ghosting keys. At 2.45 pounds, it is heavier than some of the competing brands.


  • Anti-ghosting and interchangeable WASD keys
  • Budget-friendly
  • RGB lighting for staying in control in poorly lit environment
  • Detachable palm and wrist rest for maximum comfort


  • Slightly heavy compared to other brands
  • Not compatible with Mac

E-Element Z-88 – Best for safety

Fatigue when gaming or typing for long hours can make you to become clumsy and spill the tea or coffee cup. Having a white mechanical keyboard that is water resistant can save you the pain that would have resulted from such accidents. Besides this safety property, the E-Element Z-88 has Outemu innovative pluggable Brown Switches which are designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability. The brown switches are known to be quieter than blue switches. This means that the sound of your clicks will not become a nuisance to an immersive gaming experience. Also, the anti-ghosting and key roll-over features of this gaming keyboard allows multi-keys to work simultaneously with high speed.

The RGB backlight has preset 10-mode. The combination of color-flashing speed and injection molded keycaps makes your keys extremely bright so that you can surmount the challenges that comes with gaming or typing in a poorly lit environment. To further enhance the durability of E-Element Z-88, it is made of top ABS and metal materials with matte finish. This product is highly compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. With the WIN key lock, you are certain of uninterrupted gaming. The E-Element Z-88 is lighter than the predecessor, weighing only 1.6 pounds.


  • WIN key lock for uninterrupted gaming
  • Lightweight and compact for easy handling
  • Brown Switches for quieter clicks and better responsiveness
  • Anti-ghosting and key roll-over
  • Water resistant


  • Not a full keyboard, having only 81 keys
  • Lacks wrist rest

Buying Guide For The Best White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Knowing the most important features to set your eyes on when searching for the best white mechanical gaming keyboard can be confusing particularly for those who are new to gaming. Well, there is actually a lot to consider in this regard including the type of switches, the WINDOWS key lock and anti-ghosting options, operating system compatibility, as well as the availability of a wrist rest. We have explained these features to help you understand how they can affect your gaming experience.


The most popular type of switches are blue switch, brown switch, and red switch. The blue switch is the noisiest of them all and most suitable for typing—especially for data entry. It helps to ensure accurate data entry since you will hear the sound of every click. The brown switch is slightly quieter and easier to trigger compared to the blue switch. The faster response makes it great for gaming where multiple key press is required. The red switch or linear switch ensures identical force from start to finish during a press. If you must go for a white mechanical keyboard with blue switch, ensure you have a headphone or the sound of the clicks might muddle the sound from the game and lower the immersive feeling. Razer BlackWidow comes with o-ring that further dampen the sound.

Wrist Rest

If you enjoy long gaming session, the soft wrist rest will be a great asset. This detachable device will allow your wrist to align with the keyboard to eliminate pain or discomfort on the wrist.

Windows Key Lock Mode

Nothing interrupts a game like accidentally pressing the windows key. To ensure this doesn’t happen, some gaming keyboards come with windows key lock functionality that allows you to partially disable the effect of this key. This is one of the must-have feature you should lookout for in a gaming keyboard.


During a gaming session, you are often required to press multiple keys. The anti-ghosting property ensures that every key press is registered and executed. This means that all your actions are executed irrespective of how fast you are.

Dedicated On-board Memory

White mechanical keyboards that come with on-board memory allows you to save your settings into profiles. This saves you a lot of time and prevents the monotony of repeating your settings each time you want to play a new game. Some keyboards supports up to 5 profiles.


While we recommend that you only buy gaming keyboards with backlighting, we will not tell you to insist on RGB lighting. Monochrome lighting is fine. The goal should be to have a keyboard that illuminates so that you will be able to use it in an environment with poor lighting.


Make sure the white mechanical keyboard you want to purchase is compatible with your operating system. Wireless keyboards make use of Bluetooth and usually have a larger compatibility compared to wired keyboards. However, most keyboards will work well with Windows while having a limited compatibility with Mac.


When it comes to white mechanical gaming keyboard, the price range varies significantly. You will find large products in the high and the low price ranges with a little in-between. However, when it comes to performance, you will find keyboards within the 50 dollars mark that offer nearly as much as those above $100. Therefore, it is important to pay more attention to performance enhancing features than just the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all white mechanical keyboard come with wrist rest?

No, not all white mechanical keyboards come with wrist rest. However, some have provision for attachment of wrist rest.

  • What are the most important features to consider when you want to buy a white keyboard

The type of mechanical switch, anti-ghosting, windows key lock features, and compatibility are the most important features to look out for when buying a white keyboard.

  • Do I need to install a software for my white keyboard to work?

No, all the white keyboards are plug-and-play as long as they are compatible with your operating system.

  • My keyboard is noisy, what is the cause

The type of mechanical switch used in your keyboard will affect the noise of the clicks. The blue switch is the noisiest of them all.

  • What is the use of dedicated on-board memory in keyboards?

The dedicated on-board memory allows you to save your profiles or custom key settings so that you won’t have to create a new setting each time you want to play. Instead, you can simply select one of your saved profile. 


White mechanical gaming keyboard is aesthetically appealing. However, the right one can give you an edge during a gaming session by delivering better key press and faster response rate. What no gamer would want is a keyboard that is so loud that it interferes with the audio of the game. This is why you have to pay attention to the type of mechanical switch used in the manufacture of your keyboard.

We have also highlighted a couple of other features in our ‘buying guide’ that can affect the overall experience you will get from your white keyboard. In the end, your needs or the flaw you want to correct should come first when making your choice rather than design and price.