7 Best BIG and Tall Gaming Chair (Upto 500 Lbs and Height 6 10″)

Are you a person who is considered to be an above-average, 6 feet taller or 300 lbs (or above) and trying to find the big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs that will fit your needs?

Well, then you are in the right place.

Here are the handpicked big and tall gaming chairs that perfectly suits you.


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Factors to consider for selecting the best gaming chairs for big guys

Test out different factors ranging from comfort to height, adjustability, weight capacity, build quality, and value for the money.

  • First, height and adjustability, two important factors that work hand-in-hand to provide support. 
  • The build quality is another factor for support, ensure they are sturdy enough to hold at least 300 pounds.
  • Another crucial factor for support is the base. Make sure all gaming chairs are with bases that are wide enough to provide ample allowance for big and tall gaming users.
  • To check for comfort, assess the quality of the seat’s material and cushioning. Compare with regular people, Big and tall people need more padding to get comfortable than people with average weights and sizes.
  • Finally, scour the web to see how buyers have rated the seats, and to investigate any complaints about them. 

All the hand-picked chairs are selected by after passing the above qualities such as adjustable heights to accommodate and support users of various sizes, seat comfort, sturdy base that last for longer duration and analysing the real user reviews.

Let’s get started.

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7 Best gaming chairs for big and tall guys

Best pick

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Review of best gaming chairs for big guys

Secretlab Titan – Best comfort and sturdy

Secretlab is one of the most reputable brands in the world of gaming seats, and this model is an authentic proof of the company’s culture of excellence. The company was founded by seasoned StarCraft 2 players who’re all too aware of how gaming chairs affect the gaming experience.

As its name implies, Titan is a huge, sturdy seat with a robust build worthy of a game throne. It imbues your gaming chair with a glorious backdrop, thanks to its towering majestic look.

With numerous ingenious features, including an all-in-one lumbar support, Secretlab Titan delivers the goods for any big and tall gamer. Its sturdiness and heavy build are accompanied by good lightweightness that make it easy to move around, thanks to its aluminum frame. The wheels are coated with rubber to allow it to roll smoothly over the floor without leaving scratches.

Also model, SecretLab XL is the perfect for big and tall users but due to Covid-19 shipping delayed to far.

Titan is designed to offer optimum comfort and support straight off the bat. With the free installation guide on Secretlab’s YouTube channel, you’ll find the assembly to be a cakewalk.


  • A high-quality PU leather cover that’s easy to clean
  • 4D armrests that can be easily elevated, lowered or tilted to either side
  • An all-in-one lumbar support
  • A majestic look that makes for splendid aesthetics


  • Bit pricey

GTRACING Big and Tall Gaming Chair – Best Value

This new release of GT Racing chair is like a dream come true for many of the gamers and non-gamers too out there. But why you may ask.

The wide variety of features this piece of joy has to offer, keeping in mind the premium features it provides at a cutting-edge cost. Under $200!

This upgraded chair has a state-of-the-art 2.0 denser PU leather which is claimed to be 5x more durable that can last for years. So, you know you are investing in furniture that’s going to be with you for quite some time.

Along with the thick padded seat fluffed up with high-density foam is super resilient and returns to its original form once not in use, ready for giving you the same comfort once you are back in the form.

Let’s not forget the star highlight- the premium 4D adjustment armrest that this chair has to provide, priced at a competitive cost, when compared to other premium gaming chairs. A 4D adjustment armrest along with the newest generation mechanism of rock & lock mechanism, where you will be able to not only just use it as rocking chair, but would also be able to lock the chair at the any angle you are comfortable.

All in all, this anew GT racing chair has got some seriously stuffed specs in it to provide you the premium level of comfort without being too hard on your pocket as well.


  • Upgraded denser PU leather
  • 4D adjustable arm rest
  • Did not miss to provide the soft headrest, lumbar pillows (removable)
  • Available in 3 colors: black, blue, and grey


  • Upto 350 Lbs

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair – Best big and tall gaming chair for 400 Lbs

Built to provide users with an abundance of wriggle room, this AKRacing gaming chair is the largest in the AKRacing Master series. It makes for a towering game throne but is also the cheapest in the series. Its top-quality build and premium feel can easily command a much higher price. It also comes with a staggering high weight capacity that packs up to 400 Lbs gaming chair.

Not only can it pack up so much weight but it can do so across a wide range of reclined positions. Thanks to its extensive adjustability, you can comfortably lay back all the way down to 180 degrees by adjusting the tilt lock in the right paddle underneath the seat.


  • A staggering capacity that cups up to 400 Lbs
  • A wide seat with surplus wriggle room for plus-sized gamers
  • A tilt mechanism that works all the down to 180 degrees


  • At a flat, 180 degrees position, the tilt lock might become shaky

AutoFull Gaming Chair – Cheap and budget friendly

big and tall gaming chair 7

This premium ware is a product of the official sponsors of International Pro League, AutoFull. With their seasoned expertise in the gaming industry, AutoFull aims to build a chair that caters completely to the body curves of gamers. The chair’s excellent ergonomic design captures your spine and body curves in lush lumbar cushioning. Chief among its adjustment features is its recline setting, which provides adequate support across an array of reclined positions. The seat also allows for 360-degree swivel.

In addition to the highly comforting high-density sponge cushions, the chair sports a high-grade antioxidant PU leather that’s scratch-resistant and easy to clean. This impressive collection of features makes the AutoFill gaming chair a favorite contender for the best gaming chair and one that will serve you effectively for a long time to come.


  • A high-grade, antioxidant PU finish
  • An impressive array of adjustment features, including those of the armrests, height, and seat
  • A reinforced frame and anti-collapse seat


  • The game’s robust, branded design does not appeal to some gamers

Musso Contoured E-Sports Gaming Chair – Best Comfort for big guys

big and tall gaming chair 4

The Musso Contoured gaming seat comes with an ingenious ergonomic design that utilizes contours. With its segmented padding design, the seat sports contours crafted to match your body curves for snug-fit support. The benefit of this design reaches deep down into your system, enhancing your blood flow and soaking up your backpressure.

The seat provides immense comfort for recline. The head and lumbar cushions, adjustable armrests and high back are all combined to ensure your body gets totally relaxed. By supporting reclined sitting extensively, the model is quite versatile. It can serve you at your work desk, gaming space, outdoors, and bedroom.

To complement its versatility and support, the chair also sports a high-quality PU leather cover that gives it a premium feel and makes it easy to clean and manage.


  • A sturdy build featuring a solid metal frame and a heavy-duty base
  • A reclining mechanism that swings back up to 180 degrees
  • An adjustable height


  • Bigger guys may find the seat a little too narrow

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Marvel Special

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DXRacer Tank – Best High-End 

big and tall gaming chair 2

A high-end model truly living up to its bill, the DX Racer Tank packs a punch of value. It comes with a pretty high capacity that can hold up to 450 pounds, making it a real deal for big and tall gamers. Users get to push for glory in the gameplay on the back of a well-designed racing car seat with excellent sturdiness and comfort.

The PU leather cover consolidates its premium quality. PU leather can latch on to seats till eternity without an inch of sag.

The chair’s ergonomic design ensures that from start to finish and over again, users can blast off into exciting games without feeling discomfort in any part of their body. The seat combines headrests cushions, footrests, and 4D armrests to provide optimum comfort and support. What’s even better for big and tall gamers, the back is high enough to support heights of up to 6 feet, and the footrest provides a relatively wider surface to anchor your feet.


  • A 120-degree recliner that makes it suitable for a wide range of sitting position
  • A holistic collection of support features
  • A lifetime warranty on the frame plus a 24-month warranty on parts.
  • Holds upto 400 – 450 lbs easily


  • It’s quite pricey

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AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive Chair – Best Mid-Range 

big and tall gaming chair 5

This is the Amazonbasic’s flagship product for big and tall gamers. Amazonbasics is a subsidiary of Amazon with a mission to provide customers with affordable products with a decent value. Big and tall gamers can stretch out comfortably on the chair thanks to its excellent collection of adjustment features.

No matter how you adjust the chair, it will always respond with excellent support and comfort. While in your seated position, you can make adjustments quite easily. You can easily adjust the lumbar support by turning a small knob beside the chair. The height can also be easily adjusted through a lever that’s easy to reach and rotate in your seated position.

One aspect of the chair that feels cheap is the bonded leather cover. However, it’s highly scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, meaning it can last for years.

Overall, the seat manages to earn a spot in the luxury category.


  • Adjustable back height
  • An ergonomic design
  • A wider seat


  • The synthetic leather might feel a little cheap

GTRacing Racing Chair – Best Value 

big and tall gaming chair 6

For a product that costs below $150, this GTRacing chair packs quite a punch of features. It performs excellently as a gaming seat for big and tall gamers, thanks to its formidable 5-point base and heavy-duty metal frame. It boasts a maximum weight capacity of 300lb.

Another key attribute is its well-rounded ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable for plus-sized people and everyone as well. Everyone gets to relax comfortably on the seat thanks to its adjustable headrest, supple lumbar cushion, and adjustable height. But there’s a whole lot more to its adjustment features, including the arms, backrest, and 360-degree swivel. You can increase the backseat up to 50 inches.

The GTRacing racing chair also comes with eye-catching aesthetics. Users can choose between a wide range of colors based on what blends perfectly with their gaming space. Overall, the model provides a splendid collection of features that can easily command a much higher price.


  • Great value-to-price ratio
  • A chic design
  • A multiplicity of adjustment functions
  • An ergonomic design best suited to all shapes and sizes


  • Its recline mechanism is a bit inferior compared to those of other models in this review

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider When Buying Big and Tall Gaming Chairs


As a huge person, comfort is the most important thing that big and tall gaming chairs offer you which normal chairs cannot. You need to ensure that your chosen gaming chair is high and wide enough to provide you with excellent support. Neck and lumbar cushions also contribute immensely to overall comfort and support. Other factors that determine comfort levels include recline support, adjustable armrests and footrest, and the contours.


The abundance of gaming chair choices makes it possible to find a product that can provide optimal support and also enhance the flair of your gaming space. Gaming seats with intriguing aesthetics provide you with even greater value. Many elements make up a good design, including appealing colors, the high-quality of the finish, and snug-fit contours.


The seat’s materials not only determine its level of comfort and support but also its capacity, durability and maintenance requirement. The base and metal frame of your gaming chair should be able to support at least 300 pounds. For easier maintenance, go for a PU leather finish, which is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and quite breathable.


If you have a large budget to splash on a gaming chair, you can go for a model that comes with all the bells and whistles. However, you can expect to get a gaming chair that comes with all the essentials, including headrests, lumbar support, and a tilt mechanism, at an affordable price. Some affordable options that provide a number of high-end features.


You want to choose a gaming chair that supports you adequately through multiple sitting positions. The best big and tall gaming chairs come with a well-rounded collection of adjustment features, including 4D armrests, retractable footrests, and detachable headrests.

How to Choose a Big and Tall Gaming Chair that Matches your Measurement

Now that you know what to look for in a big and tall gaming chair, the next important thing to know is how to determine the dimensions best-suited to your body type. You need to arm yourself with this information before going shopping.

Here’s a breakdown of the dimensions you need to determine:

Backrest Height

An optimal backrest height supports the entire lumbar spine. For a good reclined posture, the backrest needs to cover your upper back and neck. To determine the right backrest height for you, measure your height from the top of your neck to your waist. A headrest is an excellent complement to the backrest height.

Backrest Width

Unlike the other dimensions, the right backrest width doesn’t depend on your body shape, but It’s up to your personal preferences. But your pick’s backrest width needs to be at least a few inches wider than your waist. If you want to enjoy more wriggle room, go for a backrest width that has a lot more extra width.

Seat Width

Your width should be measured from the end of one hip to the other. It’s advisable to choose a gaming chair with a seat that’s at least 2” wider than you. For seats with armrests, go for more wriggle room — at least 4” — to ensure the armrest doesn’t get in the way.

Seat Depth

An optimal seat depth allows you to lean back comfortably with your legs stretching 2 – 4 inches away from the edge of the seat. To determine the optimal seat depth for you, sit uprightly, and then measure the distance between the point where your back touches the seat your knee. Now, subtract 2 – 4 inches from that figure.


Can people with normal or smaller frames use big and tall gaming chairs?

Seats that are disproportionately larger than the user might turn out too wobbly. However, most big and tall gaming chairs will cup up average-sized people quite comfortably.

Are they more difficult to set up and move around?

All the best gaming chairs for big and tall chairs come with easy-to-follow assembly manuals. However, some are easier to assemble than others. Some only have two or three parts to be coupled, while others come with numerous parts, bolts and screws.

How long should I stay seated on a big and tall gaming chair?

It’s always advisable to get up and stretch yourself after every one-two hours of sitting. The best big and tall gaming chairs provide excellent support and comfort to keep numbness and aches at bay during long hours of sitting.

Is there a more optimal sitting position for chairs with big and tall frames?

The best big and tall gaming chairs come with excellent adjustment features that offer excellent support across many sitting positions. That means you can sit on them for numerous hours without feeling cramp or pressure due to poor support.

Will Insurance or extended warranties on the product make a significant difference?

If you’ll be using the chair regularly, then its best to have an insurance or warranty on it. If the brand offers an extended warranty, you can take advantage of it and pay a small fee upfront to have a chair that will serve you for long rather than pay for a new one down the road.


Thanks to advancements in technology, gamers with big frames can find gaming chairs that are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing and budget-friendly. But before setting out to find the most suitable gaming chair for you, you need to have clearly defined criteria for choosing, including the optimal dimensions, materials, and adjustment features.

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Your choice should have a heavy-duty base that can support your weight efficiently. Ideally, the base and frame should be made from metal or alloy material. If you’re on a low budget, you can still expect to find a good pick that offers decent features. When you’re equipped with all the necessary details of your gaming chair, you can begin your search from the list in this review. These products, which have been selected from among hundreds of models, are your best bet and will give you the best value for every penny.

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