Secretlab Titan 2020 Series Review

What is this Secretlab?

Secretlab, which now claims to be an award-winning seat came to existence almost 6 years back now. Founded by two professional StarCraft II players, the chairs produced by Secretlab offers the ultimate quality and comfort. The prime reason Secretlab aced the entire chair industry was that these founders experienced all the pain and discomfort any individual can, after long hours of sitting and being semi-professional players, they created a gaming chair that was unanimously loved by thousands in a very short span of time since all those minor knick-knacks were addressed.

Why Secretlab Titan 2020?

This variant of Secretlab completes its 4th anniversary by this June 2020, when it came out in the market as a predecessor to the Secretlab OMEGA series. This chair was then boasted with premium built, adjustable lumbar support, and for sitting comfortably even when cross-legged.

When we say the comfort in the Secretlab Titan is the ultimatum, it’s not just this website here, nearly 10,000 customers for the latest model of Secretlab Titan 2020 series speaks for this. Then we can imagine the number of iterations this company would have undergone, to produce such a masterpiece which wins the hearts of many in just no time!

Is it a good brand?

Founded by gamers, this brand is thriving in the furniture market, not just because of its build quality but because of being there for many providing only the best comfort; be it in terms of healthy lumbar support or carving out the premium piece without compromising on any single feature.

What are the available options in Secretlab?

When narrowed down, there are primarily 3 types of Secretlab gaming chairs with multiple design options to choose from each variety. The Secretlab Omega, the Secretlab Titan, and the Secretlab Titan XL.

Why choose Secretlab Titan?

Well, when there are 2 more options, you might be little confused on which one to buy. The answer is simple. If you are a person who prefers more of snug fitting comfort while sitting, Omega is you choice. If you are a person for whom a chair is a place for ultimate comfort where you can get to rest peacefully even while cross-legged then Titan is your choice, and if you are a person on a taller and heavier side, then XL would be meeting your needs.

Personally, our choice would be the Secretlab Titan 2020, since it has all the upgraded features including a taller backrest, a wider seat base, and adjustable lumbar support system that is built-in as an integrated feature of the chair, and supports a wide category of large people.

Variants of Secretlab titan 2020 series

While the upgraded Secretlab Titan 2020 series comes in a single design, there are 3 variants within this- the variation being the upholstery. The Primeä 2.0 PU leather, the SoftWeaveÒ Fabric, and the NAPA leather.

The Primeä 2.0 PU leather is an easily yet affordable option for those who would like to spend most of their time at the desk even while eating, because even if there are accidental spillages, this material can be easily wiped off and maintained. But, in case leather is not your choice of interest, there are still options for you to get the comfort of this chair.

Like the SoftWeaveÒ Fabric, which is inspired by using woven fabrics, this variant is specially engineered in delivering the quintessential comfort, durability, and breathability.

While the NAPA leather is for a more luxurious sitting experience that predisposes a smooth and supple touch with its genuine, unsplit leather.